Toronto Centre Riding Association

The Toronto Centre Provincial Liberal Association (TCPLA) is the Elections Ontario registered body endorsed by the Ontario Liberal Party to represent the riding of Toronto Centre.  Our members are bound by our Constitution to achieve our objectives which include:

a) To promote and make more widely known and understood Liberal principles and policies;
b) To provide a means of forwarding to the Leader, the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the Executive Council and the Committees of the Ontario Liberal Party the opinions of the members of the Party;
c) To elect, promote and assist Liberal members to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Our Executive, as listed to the right and on Twitter, volunteer their time to help our members achieve these objectives through newsletters, events, and other communications or activities which are also intended to expand our membership.  We are always grateful for any assistance you can offer to achieve our objectives, no matter how small, as any amount can truly make a difference between now and the next Election.  The following are ways you can help:

Supporter/Volunteer (non financial contributions)
-Follow us on twitter at
-Subscribe to any of our Policy related twitter lists at (requires a twitter account)
-Subscribe to our emails at
-join us at any of our free events
-Sign up as a volunteer for us to contact you

Regular Membership -
Regular membership is just $10 ($5 for youths or seniors) per year.  Membership privileges include:
-access to member-only communications
-access to member-only events such as our council meetings, provincial policy meetings and regional training sessions
-voting rights at candidate and leader selection meetings
-eligibility to volunteer as an Executive of the TCPLA

ABC Membership (“Automatic Bank Cheque”) -
Our “ABC” membership allows you to contribute an amount of your choosing on a monthly basis.  This type of membership provides all the benefits of a regular plus the following:
-Automatic Membership Renewal (Never worry about renewing your membership)
-ABC Member Rewards (As set by each Riding Association) including:
    -special ABC member-only events
    -discounts for riding and/or special events
See the Donate link above for further information including information on tax deductibility.

Financial Donations -
A donation to the TCPLA helps our Association achieve our objectives and thereby help our Party make life better for residents of Toronto Centre and Ontarians in general.  See the "Donate" link above for further information including information on tax deductibility.

Serving as an Executive
Volunteering as an Executive is a great experience and provides many opportunities to help better your community.  The Executive members are determined at our Annual General Meetings (AGM).  In between AGMS, the Executive may appoint any unclaimed or open positions.  Please contact us if you are interested in helping as an Executive.

Please email us at for any further information.

Riding President
Jonathan Espie

Executive Vice President
Max Beck

Treasurer/Finance Chair
Steve Williams

Nick Sharratt

Dan Zister

Membership Chair
Jonathan Hughes

Policy Chair
Noah Parker

Election Readiness Chair
James Carleton

Constitution Chair
Vacant - Apply Today

Communications Chair (legacy)
Ben Charlebois

Diversity Chair (legacy)
Symone Marlowe

Events Chair (legacy)
Mohammed Sheikh

Fundraising Chair (legacy)
Franklin Lyons

Volunteer Chair (legacy)
Brittany Casals

Ex-Officio - Past President
Sachin Aggarwal

Ex-Officio - Past Candidate
David Morris

Ex-Officio - Ryerson Young Liberals President
Christina Alulio

Ex-Officio - Toronto Centre Young Liberals President

Ex-Officio - OLP Area Co-ordinator

Ex-Officio - Federal Liberal Riding Association President
Margaret Morneau

Ex-Officio - MP
Bill Morneau

Kamal Ahmed

Islamuddin Attayee

William Dowkes

Jesmin Habiba

Shah Ridwan Haque

Shah Muhammad Haque

Nadia Mazaheri

Jesse McDonald

Pranti Mostafiz

Prethu Mostafiz

Laetitia Msowoya

Phillipe Murphy-Rheaume

Chelsea Plante

Holly Rasky

Kyle Warwick

35 open